• Move anything.

    Aladdin gets you a suitable vehicle and a helper whenever you need it.

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Two Strong Movers to move your items exactly where you want.

Truck as big as you need

For Moves as big as you wish

Aladdin can be used here

Aladdin is a mobile app that let's you call a pickup truck & a mover who's available for on demand small moves.Basically Aladdin can move anything that fits in back of a pickup truck.

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    Store Delivery

    When you need to bring your newly bought sofa from store to drawing room.

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    Courier Delivery

    When your courier company needs a pickuptruck & a mover .

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    Setting up your store.

    When bringing heavy machinery to set up your store.

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    Bulk Shopping,Events, Marriages.

    Whenever you just need a pickuptruck & a mover to get your items from point A to B.

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    Distribution & Company Uses

    Distribute to as many clients as you require.

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    Sending Office Supplies.

    Whenever you just need a pickuptruck & a mover to get your items from office A to B.

Aladdin can be used here too ..

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    Move with a tap

    Enjoy the ease of shifting with Aladdin.

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    Business & Retailer Uses

    For business as unique as yours.

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    Moving in & out of your warehouse was never so easier before.

The Aladdin difference

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    2 Strong Helpers.

    Never break your back trying to lift heavy items. Aladdin helpers will be doing it for you.

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    Your Items are safe .

    You can track your items.Receive soft copy of invoice by mail.Your items are always security pin & e-sign protected which only the receiver can enter after receiving the item

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    A Pickuptruck under 30 seconds.

    From Piaggio Ape to Tata Ace,we have pickuptruck for every need.No need to search mini trucks on the streets when you can book one from your phone.Get Aladdin under 30 seconds via call or app

How to Book an Aladdin.

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